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Using Food Science and Technology to Improve Nutrition and Promote National Development

This is an interesting and detailed paper presenting detailed information on the processing of traditional foods.

from: IUFOST (click image for full story online)

The paper concludes that the existing small scale processing is important to food supply, food preservation and employment.

It finds that the expansion of the production of these traditional foods [...]

Packaging in Small Food Businesses

This is a simple essay on packaging for small food businesses in West Africa that helps broaden ones picture of packaging which is often a real constraint on business.

West Africa Trade Hub Webpage

click the image to visit the website

The essay focusses on the potential of the cardboard box [...]

Solar Drying of Fish – Free On Line Information series

The use of dried and smoked fish is an important part of the diet of many poorer communities with access to fish either marine of fresh water.

Emeka Okafor of Timbuktu Chronicles, a really good blog with a focus on business successes in Africa, presents some technical information on fish smoking and drying.


Farm Fresh Products – African Food Processing Company

Integrated Dairy Farm Limited (IDF) produces Farm Fresh Dairy Products.


from: Farm Fresh Products (click image for full story online)


IDF produces about a million litres of milk a year which is sold as milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and whipping cream.



Packaging Resources in West Africa

Packaging is very often a major problem in small and medium scale processing in Africa – poorly packaged products will seldom compete with well designed imports.

This document is another one from the West Africa Trade Hub, a really good resource especially for businesses in West Africa. On the other hand much of the information [...]

Business Manual – Exporting Speciality Foods

I have blogged on the West African Tradehub before, but this is a look at specific information and an assessment of it practicality and applicability.

from: West Africa Tradehub (click image for full story online)

Every small food business workshop surely lists export as an [...]

Agribusiness Information – West Africa Trade Hub

I always feel good when I see what looks like real useful information that is available to African entrepreneurs for free!


from: West Africa Trade Hub (click image for full story online)


The West Africa Trade Hub is funded through and managed by the USAID Regional Mission for West Africa.

This is [...]