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Enviromental Success Stories

This document is really well worth the read.

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Two things that are interesting about the examples discussed are:

1) They mainly reduce the factories impact on the environment by saving water, energy or reducing emissions which are often product, raw material or byproduct. So the fixed production [...]

Eco-Efficiency Issues

This document from a Queensland (Australia) initiative to improve eco-efficiency covers a number of emerging issues in Food Manufacturing.

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Some of the topical issues discussed are Food miles, Virtual water, Life cycle assessment, Supply chain management and Food eco-labelling.

The site also contains case studies and manuals that provide [...]

Structure & Size of British Water Market – Single Screenshot Series.

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Sport Waters Boom – Single Screenshot Series

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Small Scale Solar Water Distillation

What about this for a clever idea?


WWF and World’s Second Largest Brewer Return Water in South Africa

SAB Ltd, is funding water saving projects to compensate for its potential water consumption of 14 billion litres a year in South Africa. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is facilitating the “water neutrality process” with a South African Government Project to ensure that this is not just a multinational greenwashing!


WASTE – Food, Energy, Water & Time

I have for a long time worried and talked about waste and the attention it deserves when considering nutrition in Africa.

In the past I focussed on the food which could have been available for the poor and malnourished if it hadn’t been lost and on reusing for other purposed if it couldn’t be used [...]

Now The Water Footprint!

We had the carbon footprint, but now its the water footprint that is threatening to constrain how we make food.

from: Worldwatch (click image for full story online)


The water footprint concept is introduced because of the overall shortage of water that is expected as a result of the growing population and [...]