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Reusing and Recycling Potatoe Waste

The recovery of food from Food Industry waste will become more and more attractive as food prices increase and per capita availability decreases.

In general technology is already available to recover value but the viability limits what is done. This is an interesting approach to improve viability by addressing the logistics of [...]

THINK-EAT-SAVE Food Waste Enjoying Growing Attention

I have written on Food Waste now and then as it's clearly a part of the food supply system where the world can grow food availability using existing technology.

Now a UNEP/FAO lead campaign, supported by initiatives such as WRAP, has been launched.

click image to visit the site

Think-Eat-Save and [...]

The Food Waste Opportunity

When the Institute of Mechanical Engineers publishes a report on solving the expected world food shortage by reducing loss, you begin to realise this is a very widely recognized problem or opportunity. I already published a paper on this titled Waste in the food value chain: Issues and opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa in 2011, which [...]


The article by N Ackom and K Tano-Debrah in the latest edition of AJFAND Online presents a well explained and investigated process to produce a pineapple fibre for use in food formulations. The study at University of Ghana, Lagon was practical and produced fibre products that were used to produce muffins and biscuits which were [...]

Solving Factory Waste Through Extraction of Valuable Chemicals

At first sight it seems like a good idea to add value to waste strems in the food processing industry.

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However, as the project leader says this is not rocket science. The composition of waste streams is generally well known and the technology to [...]

EU Food Waste Briefing

The ACP-EU has recently held on of its rural development briefing on Food Waste.

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Around one third of all food is wasted which is already frightening enough but with the new concern on climate change it becomes even worse. The food wasted produces emissions in production [...]

Waste & Over Eating vs Need & Malnutrition

The work in the United Kindom on waste in the food system has lead to an intriguing, data rich report which is available on the WRAP website.


from: WRAP (click image for full story online)


Taking the information of how much food is wasted from this report, with the post on excessively nutritious [...]

Improving Profitability By Using Byproducts & Waste

We often focus on reducing ingredient costs and increasing efficiency but sometimes miss other opportunities to reduce cost and increase income. The stories linked below give some examples of the kind of thoughts we should be having.

Basically they focus on utilising by products and waste – the point just needs to be made that [...]

Another Approach to Food Waste – Single Screenshot Series

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Mali’s Mangos

This image and text identifies the problem of the mango resource in Mali. It is one of a series of 10 pictures assembled by the BBC describing various aspects of the mango and its contribution to livelihoods in Mali.

from: BBC News (click image to look at the series)


The text reads:

The [...]