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Brewing in USA - The Small Option.

Over the next while there will probably be a number of posts showing that smaller alternatives to the multinational food companies, are where growth is happening at present. An interesting question is does this also bring the “try it quickly and fail” approach used in the computing industry to the Food Industry?

USA’s 100 Largest Food & Beverage Companies

click the image to visit the website


USDA Data on Fruit & Vegetable Consumption in USA – Single Screenshot Series

from: USDA (click image for full story online)

note: This clip comes from a detailed data full report. It is worrying that such data does not exist in Africa.

Salmonella Results in the Recall of 550 Million Eggs

You have probably read of the recall of 550 million eggs in the USA because of a risk that they could carry salmonella. The article explains in some detail how it happens that eggs, which appear to be well packaged in a pretty impervious shell, come to contain salmonella.

from: Discovery News (click image [...]

If Only These Calories Could be Given to the Undernourished! – Single Screenshot Series

Food Processing and the Economic Downturn

A recent article in the world street journal showed the picture below which represents the change in expenditure in the US in the third quarter of 2008.

I post this because although a food processing business might not be supplying this market directly, these changes must surely have some relevance even if only as a [...]

ExceedFoods.Com – African Food Retailer – Market For West African Food

This website is a simple commercial undertaking offering a range of Nigerian Foods to expatriates in the United States.

from: Exceed Foods (click image for full story online)

The company is clearly an e-commerce company which has built a management team of Nigerians who [...]

Little Logic in This Ethanol Support

In an interview with green2tech


from: Earth2Tech (click image for full story online)


Jeff Broin of ethanol producer Poet said the following

8). In the great debate over how much corn ethanol is affecting food prices, what do you think about some newer reports that have said biofuels have [...]