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The Dark Cider in a Black Bottle for South Africa

Savanna cider joined Amarula Cream to become second largest in its alcoholic beverage class a few years ago. This was achieved with Savanna Dry and Savanna Light which are now complemented by Savanna Dark.

from: Savanna (click image for full story online)

This appears to be a golden cider in a black bottle [...]

DTI Presentation – South African Food Processing Industry

This presentation by the DTI contains interesting information on Food Processing and the Food Processing Industry in South Africa. Although it is rather old, much of the information is still of value.

click the image to visit the website and download the document



Marmite Flavoured Nuts – Interesting Food

Marmite Nuts quite a novelty until you see both Safari Nuts and Marmite are manufactured by Bokomo Foods. Still an interesting combination, never tried so far as I know!

click image to visit site 

Great Links To Business Support System in South Africa.

This page of links from the South African Bureau of Standards is really helpful for new and developing entrepreneurs.


South African Government Pushing Investment in Agro-Processing!

click the image to visit the website

More information on this is available via a dti press release or by contacting Sidwell Medupe, dti Departmental Spokesperson, Tel: (012) 394 1650, Mobile: 079 492 1774, E-mail:




The New South African Labeling Regulations – 10 Key Changes.

This post looks at 10 key labeling regulation changes that Food Processors will face in ensuring they comply with the new regulations in South Africa

from: Food & Beverage Reporter (click image for full story online)

The main points are listed shortly below, while the FBR summary can be reached by clicking the image [...]

South African Baby Formula Problem – Single Screenshot Series

Apple – Misleading Advertising Again

Again Apple is publishing misleading advertising on its South African website. The clips below shows all the things supposedly available through iTunes.


from: Apple South Africa (click image to visit the site)



from: iTunes Info on Apple SA (click image to visit the site)


But as the [...]

Solar Car Race – My Posts at EcoWorldly


from: EcoWorldly (click image for full story online)


This is the full text, you’ll need to go to EcoWordly if you need references.

“South Africa, recently dogged by electricity shortages at the state-run generator (Eskom), is innovating strongly in the energy sector. I will be discussing examples of this innovation in future [...]

South Africa’s Apps Store is Gameless!

Now that South Africa at least has an Apps Store we were getting excited BUT there is no games category and searching for games that exist on other country’s sites shows the apps don’t exist on the Apple’s South African site!