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Small Scale Popcorn Equipment

Here is a business that can be set up with quality equipment at an affordable cost.

This is a manual oil kettle based popping plant which can produce 55 kg/h from the two poppers. More poppers can be combined with a larger sifting and cooling table. Poppers can also be combined in automated units.


Commercialising Cactus Pears – Free Online Information

If your community has large areas of cultivated cactus pears or if it is a good climate for cactus pears but little is grown, this manual could be of real value to you.

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This 150 page manual with 13 pages of reference, will surely give [...]

Packaging in Small Food Businesses

This is a simple essay on packaging for small food businesses in West Africa that helps broaden ones picture of packaging which is often a real constraint on business.

West Africa Trade Hub Webpage

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The essay focusses on the potential of the cardboard box [...]

Great Links To Business Support System in South Africa.

This page of links from the South African Bureau of Standards is really helpful for new and developing entrepreneurs.


Food Chain – New Food Processing Journal – Free 1 year Subscription

Food Chain – a Journal well known to small scale food processors in the 90s, is being relaunced with a wider view of the issues effecting the success of food processing in development.

from: Practical Action Publishing (click image for full story online)

Clicking on the email I received above will take you to [...]

Businesses that make a Difference?

Much of the original SAFPP site was based on the type of business represented by the photograph above. This was taken at the Kolda Techno Faire in 2000. This group attended the Faire, not to demonstrate its technology, but to sell its products. Most of the people at the Fair and other exhibitions I have [...]