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Colourants in Food

This article in Food Navigator

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which covered a range of interesting issues in food colouring including the relation between depth of colour and the perception of sweetness, the real danger of some colourants of 100 years ago, the move to natural colours and the fact [...]

7 Artificial Flavours Banned in the European Commission.

I think I'm posting this story more for the beautiful webpage, copied below, than the technology story – who said food science was dreary? The beautiful colours alongside the clinical structures is appealing. Lets not worry that it's about flavours not colours!

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In seriousness, the [...]

Industry Handbook for Safe Processing of Nuts – Free Online Information

This manual prepared by the Grocery Manufacturers Association is available online for free download.

from: Grocert Manufacturers Association (click image for full manual online)

This 150 page book is very detailed and focusses almost exclusively on safety.


How Do You Process Food In The Open Air?

I’ve recently come across images and videos of processing outside and started wondering how this is controlled and how the products of such processing are accepted by countries with strict import quality standards. Here’s an example of a chili drying operation in West Africa.

My first INTERNET search was not that productive. Do any [...]

HACCP in Food Service – Free Online Information

This 80 plus page book by the World Health Organisation lays out the process of establishing HACCP management in a Food Service environment. 

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The first question is whether a manual on Food Service Will be useful to a food processor. The answer is that [...]

Cost-Effective Management Tools for Ensuring Food Quality and Safety – Free Online Information

This document entitled “Cost-effective management tools for ensuring food quality and safety”is actually the instruction manual for training designed for small and medium agroindustrial enterprises.

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The specific objectives of the course which is expected to take at least 40 hours are

Identify the characteristics and usefulness of some basic tools [...]

Fugu Supper Club – Single Screenshot Series

from: The Independent (click image for full story online)

A Practical & Understandable Food Quality Manual For Small Processors

While it is true that the food quality requirements that will apply to your business are a function of your consumer and the local regulations, this manual written for Romania within the context of the EU market, offers a very useful view of food hygiene and safety for small processors.

from: Fundatia-Adept (click image for [...]

Massive Cost of US Foodborne Illness – Single Screenshot Series

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Nano Technology – Let’s Watch & Wait!

This article comments on the possible dangers of nano technology in cosmetics in a simple and understandable way.


from: New Yort Times (click image for full story online)


The argument is that nano particles could penetrate the skin and enter the body passing into organs where there accumulation could cause problems. The [...]