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Some Focussed Food Based Reports – Free online Information

Over the past view weeks I have come across several rather focussed processing reports which I thought it was worhgwhile to share here in a simple form. I believe the image tells you what its about and clicking will open the document. The documents I link will generally be technology heavy although there will be [...]

Products Made From Liquid Milk – Single Screenshot Series

click image to visit site 

Sisal Harvesting and processing – In Photos

from: ARC South Africa (click image for full story online)

Mad River Food Hub – renting Processing Capacity

This processing centre in the USA appears to have managed to set itself up to support small scale processors, unlike many failed African attempts I have seen. It seems a sensible approach and I would really like to hear about successful businesses similar to this in Africa. But let's look at this one first.


Troubleshooting Food Processing – Free Online Information

Here is some more advice from Wayne Morley of Leatherhead, based on many years of experience.

click the image to visit the web page


How Do You Process Food In The Open Air?

I’ve recently come across images and videos of processing outside and started wondering how this is controlled and how the products of such processing are accepted by countries with strict import quality standards. Here’s an example of a chili drying operation in West Africa.

My first INTERNET search was not that productive. Do any [...]

Meat Processing Technology For SMEs – Free Online Information

This 450 page book is an amazing resource for the aspirant meat processor. It covers everything from meat to plant cleaning in great detail.

from: UN FAO (click image for full story online)

Meat, processes and equipment are described in detail with supporting diagrams and photographs. Processing is described based on the processing [...]

Africa Felix Juice – Single Screenshot Series

click image to visit site 

Ber Processing Technical Information – Single Screenshot Series

from: R4D (click image for full story online)

Lost Crops of Africa – Fruits – Free Online Technical Manual

I posted some general thoughts on this book when it was published a few years ago. The other day I came across it again, on the USAID site as a free download, although its published by The National Academic Press . I felt it would be worthwhile reminding readers of the book and giving them [...]