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Food & Beverage Preservation: Practical Guidelines

This free 12 page documents by Brenntag focusses on the use of preservatives in the preservation of food and beverages.

click the image to visit the website

This is admittedly a manufacturers document, but it gives good very short overviews of micro organisms, hurdle technology, pH, Water Activity, preservatives and acidulants before [...]

Indigenous Plants in the Preservation of Smoked Fish

This is another great article from the African Journal of Food, Agriculture , Nutrition and Development. 

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  It further promotes the potential of the chemical ingredients of indigenous plants. The study clearly show that Piper guinensis is the most effective within the experimental setup.    It would, [...]

The Historical Origins of Preservation

This short 2 or 3 page article is not abut the technology of preservation, but rather about the history of how preservation became so important to civilization.

from: University of Georgia (click image for full story online)

Although the article does not mention newer technologies such as radiation and pressure processing and does not [...]

Drying and Preserving Fish and Meat – Detailed Technology

I have often promoted fruit preservation as cheap, simple and safe technologies. This is really based on the fact that most fruits and fruit products are high acidity foods and therefore intrinsically safe to process. This is maybe an error since it excludes the preservation of animal proteins which are good sources of nutrition.

unfortunately [...]

Free online information – Fruit & Vegetable Preservation

This manual is a publication of Agromisa and covers the preservation of fruit and vegetables. It is available as a free pdf for online download and in print at a cost of 8.49 Euro from Agromisa.

from: Agromisa (click image to download)


The images below are clips from the manual and presented [...]

Solar Dryer Detailed Design – Link

summary for weblog [...]

Three Solar Dryer Designs – Link

Following on the link to a simple overview by the GATE programme of GTZ, the article below gives practical details of three solar dryer designs.

from: GTZ GATE (click image for full story online)


This paper presents the characteristics of three solar driers. A 15 US$ tent drier, a 400 US$ box [...]

Solar Drying Overview – Link

The German Appropriate Technology and Ecoefficiency Programme (GATE) Programme of GTZ (the German Development Agency) has a good overview of sun drying as a food technology process.

from: GTZ – GATE (click image for full story online)


It presents the technical background of drying, describes and compares different drying operation and equipment, gives [...]

Small Scale Preservation of Acidic Foods

Preservation of foods is central to any food processing operation and specially important to small scale processors as it simplifies logistics. Food Technologists know that preserving acidic foods is safer and easier than low acidity foods and more appropriate to small scale processing.

from Food Science Australia

Food Science a joint venture between [...]