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New Food Chain Journal About to Publish Fourth Edition

I have posted previously about the “New” Food Chain, which is the successor to the original food chain magazine which was originally published and widely distributed for free by ITDG, (later Practical Action). The original magazine is replaced by a new International Peer Reviewed Journal as explained here by Practical action.

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New Practical Action Website Boosts Information Sharing.

Practical Action has a long history as a quality supplier of technology information for small scale food processing as well as other fields such as irrigation, sanitation and energy which match rural development focus.

Over time they have gone through many changes from their hands on origins as Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) founded [...]

HOWTOPEDIA – Free Information and Plans on how to Process Food and do Many Other Things

This free online wiki gives practical instructions for a range of activities including food processing. Those who know the information that Practical Action supply will find that they know most of this but its still of interest as a reference.


from: HOW TO PEDIA (click image for full story online)


The food [...]