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Packaging in Small Food Businesses

This is a simple essay on packaging for small food businesses in West Africa that helps broaden ones picture of packaging which is often a real constraint on business.

West Africa Trade Hub Webpage

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The essay focusses on the potential of the cardboard box [...]

AppropriatePackaging Systems for Developing Countries

The growing competition in the retail market in sub Saharan Africa has a lot to do with the appeal of packaging of typical first world products over that of local entrepreneurs.   Several years ago entrepreneurs and community groups selling food products, often use recycled bottles and a simple black and white printed label like [...]

Government Information For Food Processors

Often the Food Processor and Government are at loggerheads over laws and regulations. This is especially true for the small manufacturer where the call is always against the red tape that throttles the enterprise. I have no idea what this relationship is like in Alberta, Canada.

However the Alberta Government supplies useful information that is [...]