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Products Made From Liquid Milk – Single Screenshot Series

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Decanter, Separator and Process Line Food Processes

GEA is an enormous processing equipment group that includes previous independent processors such as Westfalia, Wiegand, APV Kestner and Niro from the days when I still worked in processing.

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This website is that of the separator, decanter and process line part of their business. It [...]

AJFAND Free Online Research Results

A very detailed and well executed investigation of a very simple method for cooling of camel milk in traditional transport in Kenya.

The simple step of wrapping plastic containers in moist burlap improved the milks shelflife.

By the way a scary statistic, for milk producers in modern industries, the study found that, on [...]

Milk Pateurisation – Free Online Technical Informatin

This simple 9 page website discusses and explains the process of pateurisation, the equipment used and the need for the pasteurisation of milk.

from: University of Guelph (click image for full story online)

The paper first defines the need for pasteurisation as being to protect public health and to manage the selflife of dairy [...]

The World’s Largest Milk Dryer Goes on Line

This spray dryer costing US$ 212 and with a capacity of 27 tons of milk powder an hour was recently commissioned by Fonterra in Edendale, New Zealand. The dryer can process 100 litres of milk into 10kg of whole milk powder in just over one second. It needs to be fed 4.4 million litres of [...]

Liquid Dairy Products (LDPs) – Markets in Developing World

The graph below shows the world sales of LDPs until 2008 and projections for consumption until 2012, that were made in mid 2009 by Tetra Pak. This information is contained in Issue 1 of the Tetra Pak Dairy Index – A biannual news and information source about the dairy industry.


from: Tetra Pak [...]

South African Baby Formula Problem – Single Screenshot Series

Business Manual -Setting up and Running a Small-scale Dairy Processing Business a Small-scale Dairy Processing Business

This is another food processing based business manual by Peter Fellows like others I have reviewed eg

Business Manual – Setting Up and Running a Small Fruit or Vegetable Business

Business Manual – Small-scale Root Crops and Tubers Processing and Products

Free Online Information – Milling & Baking Enterprise Design

Processing Fruit & Vegetables


Amazing Food Products

These two products are so weird but yet so simple that I can’t resist putting up a post on them.

The first is Sipaah, a straw that imparts flavour to pure milk.


from: UNISTRAW (click image for full story online)


The straw has filters at both ends which are packed with [...]