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Decanter, Separator and Process Line Food Processes

GEA is an enormous processing equipment group that includes previous independent processors such as Westfalia, Wiegand, APV Kestner and Niro from the days when I still worked in processing.

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This website is that of the separator, decanter and process line part of their business. It [...]

High Pressure Technology

Another juice produced using the pressure pasteurization technology.

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Besides the beautiful colours and look the flavours put the juice in a different class and presumably give the procurement manager grey hair.

How do you ensure the availability of fresh Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Melon, Mango [...]

Litchi Juice Wine – Single Screenshot Series

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Africa Felix Juice – Single Screenshot Series

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Fruit Processing Toolkit – Free Online Manual

This Toolkit is online on the FAO’s INPhO website (International Network of Post Harvest Operations).

It is a comprehensive collection of information that could be used by a range of people from the new entrepreneur looking to understand fruit products and processors to a processors considering expansion into new products.

from: INPhO (click image [...]

Hybridiuslikwisfruiti Juice Launched as Desert Fantasy – Single Screen Shot Series.

from: Fast Moving (click image for full story online)


Aseptic Filling Machine – Equipment Series

Aseptically packaged milk and juice has probably had the biggest impact of any technology in the beverages industry in the last 50 years.

One of the packaging machines of the Tetrapak, the company that started the trend by fabricating an aseptic machine, is pictured below.


from: TetraPak (click image for full story [...]

Guide to Indigenous Fruit Processing – Free Technical Manual

This is one more of those amazing sources of information that the INTERNET provides for free. In the past if you were lucky enough to know about it you could probably request a copy. Now you GOOGLE and FTP a PDF for free!


from: CPWild (click image for full story online)


Interestingly [...]

French Retail Foods – Observations 1

I am in France for a few months and have already been surprised by a number of differences between South African and French food products. Some really nice and different products are on the shelves, many showing the deep commitment of the French to food and eating!

I intend blogging every now and again on [...]

Fruit Waste Adds Value to Juice

This interesting article from Food Science Central discusses the fact that many of the components of fruit that are looked for in higher value and healthy fruit juices are actually removed in the juice making process and end up in the waste. Examples are antioxidants that are concentrated in the skin and fibre and [...]