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Free Food Science Journals

DIGIVU focusses on curating the mass of online food processing and alternate enegy information for users of the site. There are, however, sources of information that the user should be following themselves rather than waiting for them to appear on the site. [...]

New Food Chain Journal About to Publish Fourth Edition

I have posted previously about the “New” Food Chain, which is the successor to the original food chain magazine which was originally published and widely distributed for free by ITDG, (later Practical Action). The original magazine is replaced by a new International Peer Reviewed Journal as explained here by Practical action.

click the [...]

Food Studies Journal – Free Online Information

This Journal is worth signing up to and watching. While it does not appear to be large and also covers a wide range of topics it is already a source of useful information.

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ISEKI_Food Association, is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal featuring scientific [...]

Advanced Journal of Food Science and Technology – Open Source Journal

This journal started in 2009 has already published four editions in 2010. Although editorial staff is international there does appear to be an operation focus on Indian accademics.

from: Maxwell (click image for full story online)

The first five editions appear to have quite a strong focus on West African studies, mainly in the [...]

Free Online African Food Science Journal

Here is another free source of Food Science literature.


from: African Journal of Food Science (click image for full story online)


This seems to be a source of papers of high standards on Africa specific topics. The topics covered in this the latest edition are:

Quality of fufu processed from cassava mosaic [...]