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APV Whitepaper on CIP & Sanitation – Free Online Manual

This is a simple but complete coverage of CIP and sanitation in food manufacturing […]

How Do You Process Food In The Open Air?

I’ve recently come across images and videos of processing outside and started wondering how this is controlled and how the products of such processing are accepted by countries with strict import quality standards. Here’s an example of a chili drying operation in West Africa.

My first INTERNET search was not that productive. Do any […]

A Practical & Understandable Food Quality Manual For Small Processors

While it is true that the food quality requirements that will apply to your business are a function of your consumer and the local regulations, this manual written for Romania within the context of the EU market, offers a very useful view of food hygiene and safety for small processors.

from: Fundatia-Adept (click image for […]