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More Information From GEA

You might be thinking I have been employed by GEA to promote their website, but its just that once I am on an informative website like this, I see lots that's worth sharing.

click the image to visit the website

This article on fruit juice, only a few pages long, gives a bit [...]

Colourants in Food

This article in Food Navigator

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which covered a range of interesting issues in food colouring including the relation between depth of colour and the perception of sweetness, the real danger of some colourants of 100 years ago, the move to natural colours and the fact [...]

The Historical Origins of Preservation

This short 2 or 3 page article is not abut the technology of preservation, but rather about the history of how preservation became so important to civilization.

from: University of Georgia (click image for full story online)

Although the article does not mention newer technologies such as radiation and pressure processing and does not [...]

Candy Bars – Worldwatch Lifecycle Study

This is a nice “lifecycle Study” from the Worldwatch Institute that provides a bit of history, some process and market information aswell as an environmentalist’s view on issues for chocolate bars (what the American’s call candy bars).


from: Worldwatch Institute (click image for full story online)


Just 5 or 600 words long these [...]

How Wheat Works

This website by the USA Wheat Foods Council tracks wheat from the field to the fork.


from: Wheat Foods Council (click image for full story online)


This is in the form of an interactive graphic presentation in which you choose your wheat variety and watch it being “planted and growing”. After the [...]