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Cool Drinks For The Pub

It's interesting when you think about it that there are no non alcoholic drinks especially made for consumption in an environment where many people are drinking speciality alcoholic drinks. That's so long as you leave out alcohol free beer and sparkling wine.

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So Instead of having [...]

Freeze Concentration - Equipment Series

A while back I wrote about pressure processing which was driven by the “fresher flavour” of juice that is not heated. Freeze concentration is driven by the same quality concerns and is an alternative to concentration by boiling off water. 

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This article from the Institute of Food Technologists [...]

Garlic Taste Without The Negatives? – Single Screenshot Series

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Simple Salt & Vinegar Not Enough Anymore – Single Screenshot Series

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Amazing Food Products

These two products are so weird but yet so simple that I can’t resist putting up a post on them.

The first is Sipaah, a straw that imparts flavour to pure milk.


from: UNISTRAW (click image for full story online)


The straw has filters at both ends which are packed with [...]