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The International Network on Post-harvest Operations – Information Sources.

The INPhO network of the Food and Agricultural Organisation is one of the more comprehensive sources of processing information for small enterprises.

from: FAO (click image for full story online)

The information is comprehensive and has a commodity as well as an equipment focus. The equipment and individual databases of the past seem [...]

THINK-EAT-SAVE Food Waste Enjoying Growing Attention

I have written on Food Waste now and then as it's clearly a part of the food supply system where the world can grow food availability using existing technology.

Now a UNEP/FAO lead campaign, supported by initiatives such as WRAP, has been launched.

click image to visit the site

Think-Eat-Save and [...]

Post-harvest and marketing – Free Online Technical Manual

While this is not a food processing manual it gives the reader two things:

information and costing of products, refrigerated storage, logistics and certification an insight into the post-harvest and pre processing handling of food

from: FAO (click image for full story online)

The book is part of a series of manuals for agribusiness [...]

1 Billion People Live in Chronic Hunger and I’m Mad as Hell

This is the title of a petition launched by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FA0).

(click the image to sign the petition)

I totally agree with this – it’s particularly disturbing if you think of how we “over consume” and waste food. So I have signed the petition and [...]

FAO Beekeeping

The previous post on honey processing was an introductory note from Practical Action.

This somewhat older, but apparently still totally usable, document is from the UN FAO and is much more comprehensive.


FAO (click image for full story online)


The table of contents, below, indicates the scope of the document.