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Some Focussed Food Based Reports – Free online Information

Over the past view weeks I have come across several rather focussed processing reports which I thought it was worhgwhile to share here in a simple form. I believe the image tells you what its about and clicking will open the document. The documents I link will generally be technology heavy although there will be [...]

Some Good Data on Sun and Solar Drying

I have always been a promoter of sun and solar drying, because they allow people to convert perishable fruit, often available at low or no cost during the season, into a stable product that can be stored until the next season at almost no or low cost.

This article provides some good information on [...]

Minnie’s Dried Fruit and Vegetables – African Business

Here is a nice story that shows how easy it is to establish an operating fruit and vegetable drying business.

click the image to visit the website

Menar Meebed of Egypt, has used a commercially available solar dryer and a simple Internet blog to set up a business selling dried fruit and vegetables. [...]

Solar Drying of Trop[ical Fruits – Free Online information.

Heres a short, only 20 pages long, and very practical “recipe book” for the drying of tropical fruit.

from: University of California, Davis (click image for full story online)

It is from a project run by University of California, Davis in Tanzania and Nicaragua on the introduction of a Concentrated Solar Power Dryer for [...]

Intermediate Moisture Peaches - Free Online Information

This simple manual provides the process and recipe to markedly improve the quality of dried fruit. [...]

The Manual on Home-based Fruit and Vegetable Processing – Free Online Information

This is probably the best technical information I have seen aimed at the training of small scale vegetable and fruit processors. The first book covers the principles of post-harvest handling, storage and processing of fruits and vegetables while the second provides recipes and guidance to put these principles into practice.

 click image for free [...]

Food Dehydration Options – Free Online Technical Information.

This document, from US Agriculture, is a review of dehydration at a somewhat higher technology level than is often the case on this blog.

The technologies described include batch cabinet dryer, spray dryer and even the freeze dryer. The article also covers business, marketing and regulatory issues and has many link, unfortunately to mainly [...]

Food Drying – An Overview With Good Links

This is a short 10 page note from The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service . It summarises the various drying technologies applicable to food drying in a concise manner, supporting this with some cost information.


from: ATTRA (click image for full story online)


It then focusses on the potential of drying as a [...]

Ugandan Study Of The Effect of Drying on Nutritional Content of Vegetables

This study in the African Journal of Nutrition, Agriculture and Development (AJFAND), clearly shows, as would be expected, the loss in Vitamin A and C was the highest, while the crude protein content measured by a Kjeldahl method fell more than the minerals and fibre which one would not expect to be directly effected by [...]

Tomato Cultivation and Processing – Free Online Technical Manual

Another document available for free from The ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) through Anancy.


from: Anancy (click image for full story online)


This uninspiring cover hides the value of the information and misleads on it breadth – it covers processing and business issues in 16 pages of concise [...]