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Nougat – Product Life Cycles and Ansoff Grids?

This is like a case study for the Product Lifecycle and the Ansoff Matrix approaches to market development.

Wedgewood have just come up with Race Food

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Which has a somewhat different feel to its existing product, which has a totally different look.

On the product lifecycle nougat is surely a mature product and the photo above shows a classic existing product in existing market.

Race Food is a normal nougat modified to be less sweet and softer to chew and of course packaged in a size and format that suits the athlete. So it's an existing product entering a new market, hoping to start a new growth phase in Wedgewood Nougat lifecycle. It's also interesting to note that according to Wedgewood the idea came from their customers.

After some time and success in the market this might become material for a business school case study.


Small Scale Post Harvest and Food Processing Technology

This rather old book by The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has an interesting, very detailed and clear section on post harvest and processing technology for food security. 


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Neither the age ( published 14 year ago ) nor the fact that it focusses on small scale and household processing distract from the usefulness of the information.