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Beer From Elephant Digested Coffee Beans – Peculiar Foods

I must claim to having heard first hand of an area where a nut is used as a food, after having been eaten and excreted by an animal. In this area there is a strong belief that kernels from a marula nut that has been eaten by a goat are much more tasty than the untreated kernels. But here's a new one.

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There are of course coffees that have passed through digestive tracts but here the coffee is used to brew a dark beer, which has apparently sold out on its launch day, although only.

The flow sheet on the pack label needs to be studied!


Swings and Roundabouts in Brewing

Its interesting that the heart of beer development outside of Europe could be argued to have started in the US moved to Britain and then back to the US and that the UK is now moving towards learning from the US.

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This 3 or 4 page article is a very nice overview of the current status and of the history of how things developed in the US and the UK.

Brewing in USA – The Small Option.

Over the next while there will probably be a number of posts showing that smaller alternatives to the multinational food companies, are where growth is happening at present. An interesting question is does this also bring the “try it quickly and fail” approach used in the computing industry to the Food Industry?

Crowds at US Small Brewing Show

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Here again we have the demonstration that the US brewing industry has moved from supplying only the bland beer that was the consequence of centralisation and wide distribution. The consumer really wants more interesting, flavoursome local beers whose brewing value chain can unluckily (luckily actually) not be scaled up in the multinational brewing system.


Mobile Processing

Mobile processing always comes up in brainstorming as a way of reducing capital investment in small scale food processing enterprises. Here is one I had not seen or considered.

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A previous post describes a transportable abattoir and I have seen transportable essential oil and a hammer millin plant. If you would like to input some other processes you have seen you can email me using this link.


Small Manufacturers/Brewers Can Still Triumph

This is a lovely story by FoodWeek.com of a tiny BioGro certified family brewery in Taranaki, Mike’s Organic Brewery. It won the Supreme Award for branding and packaging at the 2009 BrewNZ International Beer Awards.


Premium Organic Beer.jpg

from: Mike’s Organic Brewery
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With 74 of the country’s top brewers and around 150 international entries from as far away as Russia entering Ron Trigg beat the armies of marketing consultants behind corporate brewing giants with a simple approach. He personally went into supermarkets, took note of what stood out on the shelves, and then worked with a local design company to rebrand his beer and put it in a package customers would notice.

He reckoned he just needed to get his product recognised and remembered – he gave it memorable name, a distinctive logo and cartons that when form a advertising wall.

Interestingly the design recognised with awards has also succeeded in the market with sales increasing 10 fold.

I really like this story – its the innovation, common sense and persistence not the big budget that worked.


How To Brew Beer According To GEA

GEA the multination food and brewing equipment company has a sophisticated presentation of how beer is brewed.


How to make_ beer.jpg

from: GEA
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The presentation consists of 17 pages which represent Unit Operations in the brewing process. Each page has short and simple text explaining the process, clickable animations of processes, photographs of real equipment, links to suppliers and often a link to related expanded information.

The presentation is controlled through forward and backward links or a flowsheet like summary of the brewing process.

Although this is of course a tool to advertise GEA and its business it is informative and gives a view of the state of the art in brewing.


Mongozo BV – African Food Processor

Another in the series which simply links to the websites of Food Processing Companies in Africa. It is hoped that the industry can benefit from a knowledge of who’s doing what – either through the establishment of new businesses or through trading.

Mongozo is African based in the materials it uses to produce beer, but seems to be Holland based on the brewing and retail side. I am following up with them to understand where the brewery is and what opportunities there are for other products eg Marula.

Mongozo Beers Exotic African bananas, palmnut and quinua beer-2.jpg

from: Mongozo
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contact details

Mongozo BV
Posbus 5129
5800 GC Venray

31 478 550 968
31 378 550 969 (fax)