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This series of photographs that I have copied from the INTERNET will look at a range of things that makes the photos interesting to me and along the way will hopefully give you some ideas and illustrate some photographic points.

Suivis par des ombres © Haiquan Xiang – Drone Awards 2020

Do a GOOGLE search for “4 zebras” and you’ll get hundreds of photos, mainly from ground level in grass of varying length. The black and often dirty white shapes mainly against a brown savanna are very uniform and mostly uninteresting. To add to this photographers tend to want to fill the screen with their subjects and its normally difficult to get close ups.

So get yourself a drone, move into a semi desert area at sunset and you get a different photo. Then increase the exposure, contrast and decrease the saturation and the five zebra facing in different direction and their shadows make a really interesting composition. Of course we don’t see the details of sex, shape and texture but then its not a picture of zebra!

It would be possible to further develop the image by playing with rotation and cropping and possibly making the ground smoother and lighter. But this is a really compelling photograph.