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Tickled by Nature – Reducing Fruit Waste

This is a really good concept from Australia.

Perfectly good bananas, which have been marked or are not quite the right size or shape are classified as having been “Tickled by Nature” rather than being labeled as second grade.


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from: Fresh Plaza Website
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Tickled b Nature bananas are cheaper which is a great benefit to the consumer but still make it into the market gaining income that would otherwise have been lost.

More interestingly it is also a innovation which reduces waste and reduces environmental impact, water usage and specifically carbon emissions.


Waste Oil to Biodiesel in Germany

A month or so I ago I posted a story on the use of waste streams as raw materials for processing. I noted that there were cases in the USA where waste oil products from restaurants had become so valued that crime and “fat lifting” had began.

Now Petrotec have opened a 100 000 tons per year plnt to process a range of feeds, using a multifeedstock technology developed by themselves, but currently mainly using waste oil. Petrotec is based in Germany and the plant which will act as a logistics hub for the company is installed in Emden.

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from: Petrotec
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They have been operating other plant since 2000 and have not encountered waste oil supply problems – they do have a three pronged approach to ensuring their supply.

There have been attempts to use waste oil in South Africa but apparently the large black market trade in used oil, means that there is not sufficient waste oil to allow the establishment of viable enterprises.

Waste – only until there’s a use!

A while ago I posted a story about a project aimed at reducing post harvest losses. I noted that losses are often a consequence of imbalances between supply and demand. Without demand prices plummet and a crop effectively becomes a waste. There are also wastes connected to processing eg fruit peels. These wastes are either available free or at low cost depending on their location.

Projects that use these wastes as raw material often look extremely favourable but can quickly loose their feasibility if the demand for the waste allows the owner of the waste to increase its price.

Here is a documented case – waste oil from restaurants has trebled in price in three years as demand for it as a feed for biodiesel has increased

Used Fry Grease Rich Target For Grease Gangs…Seriously · Environmental Leader · Green Business, Sustainable Business, and Green Strategy News for Corporate Sustainability Executives.jpg

from: Environmental Leader
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