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Food Safety In An Informal Food System

This 2004 report gives some interesting information on cooked food vending in Lusaka and Harare which accommodate 5 355 and 1 100 businesses. The size of the sector in Harare was felt to be growing because of the difficult economic situation but constrained law enforcement situation.

Improving food safety of informally vended foods In Southern Africa

from: researchintouse.com
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Other interesting numbers are that in Lusaka cooked food vending creates jobs for 16,000 people, serves more than 81 million meals of nshima and beef stew per year, and makes an annual profit of approximately £5.5 million pounds.

That should interest innovative food processors!

The report, for those interested in development work and training, should be an interesting view of how projects are run with many stakeholders and the format of the training that is required to influence large sectors.