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Solving Factory Waste Through Extraction of Valuable Chemicals

At first sight it seems like a good idea to add value to waste strems in the food processing industry.

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However, as the project leader says this is not rocket science. The composition of waste streams is generally well known and the technology to extract valuable components already established.It's naive to think companies are paying to dispose of waste streams that contain valuable chemicals which they could be easily extracting and selling.

Many waste streams are actually sold for other purposes such as animal feed and compost while many are already the source of high value chemicals such as essential oils and nutritional supplements. Waste streams have also been used for centuries to produce alternate energy.

Manufacturing companies focus strongly on waste and are just as capable of investigating such opportunities as are researchers.The issue is the financial viability of any particular process and the potential to set up all the players in the supply chain to ensure its sustainable operation.

Value Added Products From Waste

I have mentioned my intention to put some focus on the issue of food loss/waste. There are a lot of quotes and figures I have seen over the years (maybe I will put these together in a formal way), cereal losses can be 15 to 25%, fruit & vegetable losses were once measured at 62% in a Tanzanian study, the world produces much more food that is uses, USA uses three times more agricultural output than it required for healthy lives and the UK recently found that food processing generated 1.8 million tons a year of degradable waste while households throw away 6.7 million tons of food a day.

For now I am just showing a food processing solution to a particular waste problem.



This describes the use of osmotic drying to produce a high value processed product from pears with slight defects. In South Africa damaged fruit is often diverted to juice production but the value addition is low.