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Trends of 2010

Here’s another list that claims to list things that made the trends 0f 2010!


from: Food Product Design
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I am really not sure that there are important trends in the food industry although they are attractive and tempting. I would like to be able to access many of these, but don’t really expect them to impact – maybe it just says there are many niches that are waiting to be filled.

Ten Trends for 2011

Yes I had said I wasn’t going to present trends as everyone else was and I was not sure how useful these trends are to many manufacturers serving African markets but

Food industry news & trends, new food development, food ingredients, food packaging, consumer food trends - Innova_ Top Ten Trends for 2011.jpg

from: Foodstuff South Africa
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But this set looked a bit different and I am actually posting it as much as a way of introducing Foodstuff South Africa as to present the trend. Anyway the 10 items identified by Innova and described by Foodstuff South Africa are:

  • Processed is Out
  • Offering Real Value
  • “Proven”
  • Personalised nutrition
  • Return to Softer Claims
  • Getting “Connected”
  • Culinary Expansion
  • New Relaxation Paradigm
  • Fruit and Vegitable Revival
  • Try a Little Respect
  • Selling the Technology
  • Don’t know what you make of these but get more details at Foodstuff South Africa.

    Its The Time of the Year For Lists & Trends!

    I have previously presented and compared lists from different sources. This year I posted on one list and started to look at others preparing for a post comparing lists.


    Food industry news & trends, new food development, food ingredients, food packaging, consumer food trends - Trends-in-Brief.jpg

    from: Foodstuff SA
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    I soon found that there were far too many and balked at the idea of reading and comparing so many lists. However, Brenda Neall of Foodstuff SA has produced the page above which lists many, very many, of the lists/trends that she has published and commented on over the year.

    Food Trends Viewed Through Labelling

    Food & Drink Europe report on the the frequency of new product label claims determined by International market research company Mintel.


    No additives or preservatives lead label claims_ Mintel-1.jpg

    from: Food & Drink Europe
    (click image for full story online)


    This kind of information gives some kind of view of the trends in what the consumer wants. Some previous posts refer to other information –

    This survey was difficult to compare directly with the previous information posted because of the approach.

    The UK & Europe both had “no preservatives or additives” as the most frequent advertising claim, being used on around one fifth of all labeling on new launches. This is in line with the wellness/health type issues of the previous post.

    The USA had Kosher as the most frequent labeling message on new foods, being used on over a third (38%) of new products. The “no preservatives or additives” was the second most frequent in the USA, making it overall the most used claim.

    Other claims used frequently included ‘organic’, ‘All natural’, ‘low/no/reduced transfat’, ‘microwaveable’, ‘time/speed’, ‘low/no/reduced sugar’, and ‘gluten-free’.

    Trends in Processed Foods – In Africa?

    I regularly get access to articles like the one illustrated below which give a view of what the trends in foods for the “Western Market”

    Food Science Central - Ten trends to watch in packaged goods in 2008.jpg


    This is always interesting but not really of direct applicability to any but a small part of the African market. I find this list interesting in that it hardly covers an issue that links to actually liking and enjoying the food but rather links to health and fitness issues.

    To the entrepreneur it maybe gives an idea of what may happen in the future and at least keeps him thinking and in touch with what’s possible. It doesn’t really help in exporting as practically no cutting edge secondary products are exported from Africa.

    What would be interesting is what are the food product needs and trends of the African consumer. I am not sure that this is available and would really ask that anyone who has such an article discuss it in the comments

    If this article is of interest but you would prefer to get it via email than having to download it email me by clicking hereand I will send it to you by return email.

    One of the items on the above top 10 is Out of Africa which is described as

    Out of Africa

    In a world that is getting smaller by the minute, the continent of Africa remains a mystery for most. That could be changing. We are just beginning to see an influx of African ingredients like shea butter and baobab oil into new non-food items like skin creams and cosmetics. For foods, hot peppers like African birds eye chili – also known as Peri-Peri – are beginning to appear in new sauces and condiments. And flavours from North Africa like couscous, for instance, are also gaining ground.

    Besides the fact that I thought couscous was a cereal food and not a flavour, I am very interested in this. I have pushed attempts at commercialising indigenous foods for some time with little success. But maybe the time is now coming – there are after all more curry take aways in England than Fish & Chip shops! and its not just a mirror of immigration.