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Cereals Post Harvest Management – Free Online Technical Manual

Grain Post Harvest Management Manual Cover-1.jpg

This has no Food Processing but focusses in detail on the small scale management of cereals giving details information on spoilage, treatment, storage equipment and storage practices.

It is a well illustrated book that is aimed at the extension worker.


Ugandan Seed Treatment Equipment

This story in the New Vision Online, described this new machine designed and built by Joseph Kavuma of Tonnet Enterprises of Uganda.

New Vision Online _ Ugandan invents seed treatment machine.jpg

from: New Vision
(click image for full story online)


….Beans, maize, soya beans, groundnuts, millet, simsim cowpeas and tomatoes can all be treated in the machine before planting.

“The machine can treat 75kgs in 10 minutes. The whole process; loading, mixing and off-loading takes approximately 20 minutes. In an hour, you can treat 225kgs of seeds or grain,” explains Kavuma.

…..However, Kavuma warns that for the machine to work effectively, it must be greased routinely. Servicing and repairing the bearings has to be done at least once a month. He says the tumbler should not be loaded with more than 75kgs.

….The smallest treating plant costs sh1.5m, but there is room for negotiation,” Kavuma says.