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Savings Through Reducing Pasteurisation Temperature

This is a video published by Tetra Pak, that describes research they undertook to establish whether the standard fruit juice pasteurisation conditions could be reduced to save energy while still guaranteeing shelflife and avoiding product “damage”.

They found that, for orange juice, the second pasteurisation could be reduced from 95C for 15 seconds to 80C. This reduces cost of energy for orange juice filling at 22 000 l/h over 500 shifts a year by 19% and carbon footprint by 20%.

They also found that the across plate temperature difference could be increased from 5 to 20C. This would have significant impact on the heat transfer surface required and hence the capital cost of the pasteuriser.

How to Keep the Gas in the Champagne

This stunning photograph illustrates a new technique used in this study of the pouring of champagne.

from: American Chemical Society
(click image for full story online)

A dynamic-tracking technique using IR thermography was used to visualize the cloud of gaseous CO₂ released when pouring champagne.

The findings of the research, illustrated by the graph above, were not that surprising – pouring gently along the wall like beer and chilling the champagne reduced the “loss” of CO₂.

The real question is what is left in the champagne and what level should that be?