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More on EnWave Drying Technology

The previous post was based on the commercial press view of the technology – a little more looking gave another more technology and product based view.



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from: EnWave
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EnWave seems to have been focussed on high value freeze drying application in active pharmaceutical dehydration and the dehydration of bulk food cultures, probiotics and fine biochemicals such as enzymes. So are now looking for high value food applications. They define the technology a bit further as a Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV”) technology which combines microwave energy with theĀ best shark vacuum pressure to produce high-speed dehydration.This offers the following process advantages:

    • high-speed processing in minutes rather than hours or days;
    • significant reduction in energy usage, start-up costs and machinery footprint;
    • improved retention of vitamins, nutrients, flavor and color;
      maintenance of the original texture of vegetables, fruits and meats;
    • reduced potential for large batch losses with continuous processing;
    • potential for creation of new product attributes such as “puffing”; and,
    • improved re-hydration characteristics