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Explaining Technology by Analogy.

This interesting diagram from emphasizes the fact that the Tetrapak cartons are separated under the liquid a key point of the aseptic packaging technology.

photo by Tetrapak – usable under Creative Commons license

The more modern version is maybe not as explicit but much more appealing. This is a technologyand a presentation thereof that Steve Jobs would have admired.

photo by Tetrapak – usable under Creative Commons license 

Sorghum Malting Technology Choice – Free Online Information

Here is a nice set of slides from a presentation on the technologies that can be used in the industrial malting of sorghum.

 click the image to visit the document online

Of course there is no detailed explanation in this presentation, but the photos and drawings are very good and illustrate well. You could also contact the author for more information.

Free Online Technology Training – Principles of Food Processing

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is developing a distance learning programme that is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and workers operating in the Food Manufacturing Industry. To date six modules have been developed.

  • Dehydration and Drying
  • Food Packaging
  • Freezing
  • Practical Human Nutrition
  • Shelf life and Food Losses
  • Quality Assurance


Each module consists of well defined sections which are learnt through a manual, assignments and exams all supported by a mentor.

I would like to take on the mentoring of readers of this blog who might be interested to follow modules. There is no cost so you just need to contact me to get signed up and follow the process that will be described on the website. The material starts out very simply and clearly so anyone involved in food processing would be able to easily master it and benefit from increasing their knowledge.

So why not contact me by using this link either to register and receive details of how to proceed or to request further information.

Food Chain – New Food Processing Journal – Free 1 year Subscription

Food Chain – a Journal well known to small scale food processors in the 90s, is being relaunced with a wider view of the issues effecting the success of food processing in development.

Food Chain  new journal for 2011  Inbox

from: Practical Action Publishing
(click image for full story online)

Clicking on the email I received above will take you to the web page where you will be able to get more information about the contents of the journal.

You will also find a link to an email address where you can subscribe to a free electronic subscription for the first year.

This looks like its going to be a valuable resource especially if we all make contributions.

Meat Processing Technology For Small to Medium Producers – Free Online Manual

This 450 page book is a comprehensive online manual for the entrepreneur in the meat processing business. Besides assisting him to run his business, the book is so comprehensive that its sure to assist in ideas for expansion.

Front cover of a 450 page FAO Meat Processing Manual for small and medium processors

from: FAO
(click image for full story online)

The table of contents reproduced below show the scope of the manual which is well illustrated and seems to be written in a clear and simple manner.


Foreword, Acknowledgement, Authors
Meat, fat and other edible carcass parts
Principles of meat processing Technology
Selection and grading of raw materials for meat processing
Non-meat ingredients
Seasonings used in meat processing
Heat treatment of meat products
Categories of processed meat products
Fresh processed meat products
Raw-fermented sausages
Raw-cooked meat products
Precooked-cooked meat products
Cured meat cuts
Processed products made of chicken meat
Meat products with high levels of extenders and fillers
Traditional / ethnic meat products
Meat drying
Simple meat processing under basic conditions
Packaging of fresh and processed meat
Canning / sterilization of meat products
Handling and maintenance of tools and core equipment
Simple test methods for meat products
Meat processing hygiene
Cleaning and sanitation in meat plants
Annex I recipes for processed meat products
Annex II glossary

This looks like a really good download! which you can source from here.

Frozen Food Overview – Free Online Information

This 28 page document is the Food Vision of the British Frozen Food Industry.


from: British Frozen Food Industry
(click image for full story online)

Although the document considers the British industry it is packed with information that would be of value to anyone, anywhere considering entering the frozen food market.

There are detailed sections on market, technology & quality, sustainability & social and nutrition. The report has large lists of references.

Possibly as would be expected from a Frozen Food Association they are very positive about the future of the industry.

Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, Third Edition

Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, Third Edition (Woodhead Publishing in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition)


Reviews of the Second Edition: “Interesting, logical and concise. A good introduction for students of nutrition, food science and technology, catering or agriculture.” —Food Manufacture”… a well-written and authoritative r (more…)

Food Drying – An Overview With Good Links

This is a short 10 page note from The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service . It summarises the various drying technologies applicable to food drying in a concise manner, supporting this with some cost information.



from: ATTRA
(click image for full story online)


It then focusses on the potential of drying as a value addition process on the farm before ending with a lot of information and supplier links.