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Keep Your Pinch of Salt Handy

As it becomes easier and easier to publish information in a credible looking way, I wonder if its for the good or not?


In November 2015 there were lots of stories, many very similar to each other, published on Pixie Dust. Only one that I saw really remarked on the technology and tried to evaluate it, the others seemed to cut and paste what I suppose was a press release. For me it “sounds to good to be true” – you add a small amount of a cheap substance which sterilises the container and its contents in a fail safe process. There is mention of a patent with more patents being developed and Performance Packaging looking for international partners. But what exactly is the patent and how far was the process of finding partners.

Even so the headlines use words like launched, introduced, offers, solution …… leaving readers with the impression it as available. But 6 months later there seems to have been nothing for months and no one has reported on follow up.

I am following up to try and see where this interesting technology is now.

Shaka Process

An in container sterilisation process has the real advantage that packaging takes place before sterilisation, negating any problems in packaging. A major disadvantage are the long cycle times and high heat inputs required which result in harsh product treatments.

The Shaka Process (not related to the Zulu King) offered by Packaging Technologies and Inspection

ShakaBrochure.pdf (page 1 of 4)-1.jpg

overcomes this by agitating the containers during sterilisation, thereby reducing heat transfer times for liquid and semi liquid products.

ShakaBrochure.pdf (page 3 of 4)-1.jpg

Images from Packaging Technologies and Inspection


The massively reduced cycle times reduce product damage and batch turn around times. Although the equipment is more costly for a given batch size the faster turn around time increases the hourly capacity and reduces the cost.

This is rather high tech equipment but the principles should be borne in kind and could be borne in mind and might initiate some interesting process and equipment ideas.