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Instant Hot Meals – African Company

Here is an interesting South African company and product. The product is an instant meal that does not require any cooking energy from the user and is ready to eat in 8 minutes.


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from: Instant Hot Meals
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There are of course other instant products, although these normally focus on outdoor activities and the military.

This company has a very broad, possibly too broad, approach which seems to be designed not to miss any chance. Amongst their defined markets and marketing issues are:

  • middle class convenience food market
  • feeding schemes
  • disaster relief
  • use in Africa to protect trees
  • use in Africa to overcome food safety and power supply issues
  • franchising scheme
  • world cup 2010
  • 10% of profit goes to “under privileged people of Africa”
  • 100 % green
  • fully recyclable
  • quality and safety focus
  • 9 month shelf life at ambient

So here is an African Company we will definitely be watching! Quite some technology has gone into this one.