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IUFOST Congress in Cape Town in Two Months

The next big international event of 2010 in South Africa is the IUFOST Congress starting in Cape Town on 22 August.

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The list of topics taken from the website indicate the breadth of the Congress.

  • Food Safety, Food Safety Assurance schemes & Risk Analysis (incl. Crisis Management)
  • Food Contaminants, Toxicology & Mycotoxins (incl. best approach/methods/models, communication to public)
  • Food Analysis (incl. new approaches/methods, rapidity and applicability i.e. simplicity, cost-effectiveness & qualitative vs quantitative)
  • Food Chemistry (incl. protein, lipids/fats/oils, carbohydrates & fibers, less known products, composition profiles, new insights into structure/behaviour)
  • Food Ingredients and Additives (incl. bakery, dairy, beverage, meat and confectionery, functionality and Clean Label)
  • Functional Foods (incl. nutrition profiles & labelling)
  • Food Flavours
  • Food, Nutrition, Diet and Health (incl. Products for patients with HIV/AIDS, combating obesity and other diseases of lifestyle)
  • Physical and Sensory Sciences – Sensory Perception and Analysis
  • Product Development/New Products (incl. post depression realities & real value delivery)
  • Global and Regional Consumer Trends and Behaviours – Marketing to Consumers
  • Food Information & Consumer Education
  • Food Processing, New Technologies & Process Optimisation
  • Fruits & Vegetable Processing, Fruit Juices & New Technologies
  • Meat & Poultry Processing, New Species, New Processing Technologies
  • Seafood, Fish and Fish processing, New Species, New Processing Technologies
  • Food Packaging (incl. functionality vs sustainability vs risk, carbon footprint, new materials, special environments, new simplicity pressures, cost/benefit data, food waste reduction)
  • Waste Management & Environmental Sustainability – (incl. water in food processing, carbon footprints/food miles, water availability, cost, closing the loop, waste reduction and handling, by-products, water related illness, energy issues, wastewater treatment and disposal)
  • Cereals, Legumes & Oil Seeds (incl. baking science, processing, chemistry and analysis)
  • Food Security Issues – Food Products in Situations of Critical Food Security – the real risks and best actions
  • Food Regulations (incl. harmonisation and approval of new technologies, e.g. GM, nanotechnology, food cloning. Science base, enforcement, resources, management and support)
  • Fermentation and Biotechnology (incl. optimisation, new unique products, new processes)
  • Food Engineering (incl. physical properties of foods, process design, process simulation)
  • Genetically Modified Foods (incl. facts, opportunities/risks, slaying the myths)
  • Ethnic Foods
  • Agricultural Production and Food Supply – Reducing Post-harvest Losses (incl. putting science based research to work in practice, technology transfer, influence of Global Warming and sustainability of agricultural production)
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Science and Technology Education Development (incl. harmonisation, curriculum development, student recruiting)
  • Other
  • Nanotechnology´╗┐

Free Food Science & Nutrition Information

Food Advisory Consumer Services (FACs) say that their site “is primarily intended for consumers and other interested parties seeking balanced and scientifically correct information on some of the many contentious and emotive issues which perennially appear in the media.”


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from: FACS
(click image for full story online)


The tone maybe shows that they are very much the voice of science and not much interested in what people experience and anything alternative. This doesn’t suit me very well as I am able to detect MSG in food by quite a violent reaction – which their article very much dismisses!

But still there is good information in the articles they have written and posted as well as in their list of links. So I recommend them!