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Garden of Flavour Juices – Interesting Foods

Is this a real product or is it a marketing man’s response to a consumer trends survey?

Garden of Flavor cold pressed organic juices

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So what are the claims of this juice range

  • Organic
  • Cold Pressed
  • High Pressure Processed
  • Probiotic culture
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Never heated
  • Gluten Free

Very cleverly the probiotic survives high pressure process, so can essentially be added before the juice is high pressure processed to maximise its shelf life. By the way its not 100% clear if in bottle HPP processing is used or not – I ams to follow up on this.

The ingredients foci on healthy foods using citrus to improve the flavour of what they call Green Juice. Green Harmony includes the following ingredients – “Organic cucumber, Organic Apples, Organic Romaine Lettuce, Organic Kale, Organic Celery, Organic Lemon, Organic Spinach, Organic Parsley and Over One Billion Deliverable Probiotic Cultures”

So many characteristics that one wonders if it is not overdone, I don’t think I can find another processing/ingredient issue to add. Thats assuming there are no colorants or flavours added.

Then this high tech product goes into a very homely looking  package about which there are no environmental claims made. There is also no focus on sustainability which may be a problem with a juice that requires 5 kg of leafy green vegetables to produce 473 ml of juice.

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Amazing Food Products

These two products are so weird but yet so simple that I can’t resist putting up a post on them.

The first is Sipaah, a straw that imparts flavour to pure milk.


Unistraw | The Good Energy Straw.jpg

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The straw has filters at both ends which are packed with beads that dissolve the flavours in the milk as you drink.

So you buy plain milk and you x children can each have their chosen flavoured milk just by using a different store. Presumably drinking with two or more straws would produce those modern mixed flavours, what about chocolate and banana.

As often the case this rather frivolous idea offers more serious applications like drinking yogurt straws that ad probiotics and medicinal applications.

Then there is the antitheft lunchbag:


Protect Your Sandwich With The Anti-theft Lunch Bag _ TreeHugger.jpg

from: TreeHugger
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I don’t suppose that needs anything more and maybe this doesn’t have a serious application like the UNI Straw!