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Coast Coconut Farms – African Food Processor

Another in the series which simply links to the websites of Food Processing Companies in Africa. It is hoped that the industry can benefit from a knowledge of who’s doing what – either through the establishment of new businesses or through trading.

Coast Coconut producers a “virgin” coconut oil by using small scale processing at the farmer rather than the traditional method of producing copra which is exported to a regional factor for oil extraction.

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from: Coast Coconut
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While this seems not to yet be a sustainable enterprise, it will be interesting to watch its development. The small scale technology is attractive because some 90% of the world’s coconuts are grown by small farmers.

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Apple Cider Preparation – Food Processing Videos

The video is shows the juice pressing process used by Woods Cider Mill in the apple cider process.

What I find interesting and worthy of thought are:

      • the potential to use the liquid extraction process on other separations – eg cashew apples, spent grain from brewing, cassava pressing in washing process
      • the simplicity of the technology and it robustness (no close tolerance, no electrical needs if apples are crushed by hand –
      • the minimal technology support needs
      • the type of process and equipment than can be used, in a safe and hygenic operation, so long as the necessary processes are in place
      • the possibilities of carrying out the process on a reasonably large scale

Constructing a Fruit Juice Press

This article which is part of the UK ciderwiki which is a free resource aimed at promoting real apple cider.

It describes in detail how to make a apple juice press using wood, cloth and a hydraulic jack.

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from: Ray’s homemade cider press
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This is really detailed as can be seen from the few pictures below and would allow anyone with woodworking skills to make a press.

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Basically the crushed fruit is wrapped in cloth (called cheeses) and stacked in the press. Pressure is then places on the stack forcing the juice through the cloth producing a cloudy apple juice.

This video shows a press working – the operating conditions are not what the would need to be for a juice making operation!

It seems to me that this kind of press would work well with many fruits – pineapple & cashew apple as well as deciduous and citrus fruits.