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Some Focussed Food Based Reports – Free online Information

Over the past view weeks I have come across several rather focussed processing reports which I thought it was worhgwhile to share here in a simple form. I believe the image tells you what its about and clicking will open the document. The documents I link will generally be technology heavy although there will be there industry issues covered in detail. 

click an image below to view the relevant paper

IITA report on Cassava enterprises in West Africa


Small Scale Palm Oil Processing in Africa


Www iita org c document library get file p l id 786671 folderId 1074647 name DLFE 5910 pdf

Low cost sustainable cassava drying technologies pdf



Homefoods Processing & Cannery Ltd – African Food Processor

The first and a series which simply links to the websites of Food Processing Companies in Africa. It is hoped that the industry can benefit from a knowledge of who’s doing what – either through the establishment of new businesses or through trading.

Homefoods produces palm oil, Gari and jams & jellies.

Homefoods Processing & Cannery Ltd..jpg

from: Homefoods
(click image for full story online)


contact details:

150/11, Off Odokor – Mallam Road,
Accra, Ghana W/A

P.O. Box KA 16519,
Airport – Accra
Ghana – West Africa

(00233) 21-303914

(00233) 21-318119

E-mail :