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Free Subscription to Food Processing Electronic Edition

Continuing the focus on identifying free online material we look at an online food Journal. Unfortunately this requires good and affordable online access and bandwidth.

Food Processing, an American company that is based on a paper journal and an informative website now offers free access to its online electronic journal.


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The commercial content is obviously very focussed on the American market but there is technical information that is interesting and one should anyway know what is going on around the world to be able to succeed in the food market.

The format makes it necessary to read the journal using an animated online reader – fancy but maybe not most appropriate for Africa.


Science in Africa – Online Information Resource

Here is a really good online resource – it covers a wide range of scientific subjects from an African angle and also periodically presents really practical series with a do-it-yourself flavour.


Science in Africa, Africa_s First On-Line Science Magazine, Home Page-1.jpg


For example there was a series on essential oils including processing and how to produce alcohol from waste on a cottage scale.