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Oil Extraction – Detailed Information

Returning to the GATE system I blogged about previously (http://www.digivu.co.za/2008/05/solar-dryer-detailed-design-link/) this manual on edible oil extraction is outstanding.

The manual focusses on three case studies of the small scale expelling of sunflower, shea and palm oil, It also presents general in depth information on the world market, oil science, descriptions of all oilseed and plants, agronomy, expelling processes, expelling equipment and by-products and their use.


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from: GTZ Gate
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Overall the manual has a special focus on technical issues and development potential.

The three case studies:

    • Shea Nut Processing in Mali
    • Sunflower Seed Processing in Zambia
    • Oil Palm Fruit Processing in Togo

cover the costing and finances of small scale processing in detail.

There is an enormous amount of detailed information presented that would definitely be of use to anyone considering setting up a business or a community project.

Ouendmor Ltd Moriba – African Food Processor

Another in the series which simply links to the websites of Food Processing Companies in Africa. It is hoped that the industry can benefit from a knowledge of who’s doing what – either through the establishment of new businesses or through trading.

Moriba is African based in the materials (bisap, tamirand, cashew, African herbs) and recipes it uses in its products, but manufacturing and retail is based in France. I am following up with them to understand what opportunities there are for other products eg Marula and for the retail business in the rest of sub Saharan Africa.

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from: Moriba
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contact details

It seems that the only way to make initial contact with Moriba is through imbedded emails on their website.