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Exageration & Errors in Biofuels News

How well do we really know that what we read is real, especially in those sectors where everyone is optimistic and the opportunities are large. Here’s an example.

Biofuels Digest recently published a story entitled


17 Mgy CrowNek Energy cassava ethanol plant opens in Nigeria _ Biofuels Digest-2.jpg

from: Biofuels Digest
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which clearly did not follow up source material enough, which although ambiguous to varying degrees did admit to this being a plan and not the start of operations as the story indicates.


THISDAY ONLINE _ Nigeria news _ African views on global news.jpg

from: This Day Online
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Of course takes off sounds like goes into production, but in the African way project tells us that ita bigger thing and not an actual refinery that is taking off.


Guardian Newspapers-1.jpg

from: Nigerian Guadian
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“Establishes” and “owned by” implies something real has been built, but “is to be established” makes it clear this is a plan and not a plant.


NIGERIAN TRIBUNE - Business and Economy-1.jpg

from: Nigerian Tribune
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Global Warming Awareness Inc - Nigeria plans ethanol project-2.jpg

from: Global Warming Awareness
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This is the only clear and concise reporting of the event.

Is it just jounalists using different words to add to the interest, an enthusiasm for the subject or a purposeful attempt a hiding the reality