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Colourants From Hibiscus Rosella – image test

Scientists in Taiwan have persued the potential of the bright crimsom colour of hibiscus and developed a feeze dried, stabilised product that shows promise.

In this time of a growing demand (although from a small part of the world’s population) for natural food ingredients, could this develop into a market for West Africa’s experience in producing hibiscus

               photo by JIGGS on www.flickr.com

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Hibiscus extracts show extra potential as colourant powders

By Stephen Daniells

14/12/2007 – Freeze-dried extracts from hibiscus stabilised by trehalose or maltodextrin can provide colourants for a range of food applications with superior stability, report researchers from Taiwan.

When formulated into a model beverage, lead author Kiattisak Duangmal from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok reports that the hibiscus extracts performed well in comparison to commercially used colorants: San Red RC and synthetic carmoesin.

Hibiscus extracts are already used by the food industry to give colour and flavour to beverages. The new research, published in the journal LWT – Food Science and Technology, indicates that when the extracts are freeze-dried as powders, they could offer a stable colourant for industry.