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Meat Processing Technology For SMEs – Free Online Information

This 450 page book is an amazing resource for the aspirant meat processor. It covers everything from meat to plant cleaning in great detail.

Meat Processing Technology For SMEs 1

from: UN FAO
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Meat, processes and equipment are described in detail with supporting diagrams and photographs. Processing is described based on the processing principles six classes of meat products defined in the manual and on selected processes. Understanding the difficulty in the hygienic aspects of food processing the manual has a strong focus on Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Schemes (HACCP), which are discussed in detail in the manual. But realizing the complexity of the process it also supplies much background information to allow a good understanding but also describes in practical detail cleaning and sanitation practices.

This appears to really be a very good and comprehensive technology reference manual. It does not address market and business issues.

Meat Processing Technology For Small to Medium Producers – Free Online Manual

This 450 page book is a comprehensive online manual for the entrepreneur in the meat processing business. Besides assisting him to run his business, the book is so comprehensive that its sure to assist in ideas for expansion.

Front cover of a 450 page FAO Meat Processing Manual for small and medium processors

from: FAO
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The table of contents reproduced below show the scope of the manual which is well illustrated and seems to be written in a clear and simple manner.


Foreword, Acknowledgement, Authors
Meat, fat and other edible carcass parts
Principles of meat processing Technology
Selection and grading of raw materials for meat processing
Non-meat ingredients
Seasonings used in meat processing
Heat treatment of meat products
Categories of processed meat products
Fresh processed meat products
Raw-fermented sausages
Raw-cooked meat products
Precooked-cooked meat products
Cured meat cuts
Processed products made of chicken meat
Meat products with high levels of extenders and fillers
Traditional / ethnic meat products
Meat drying
Simple meat processing under basic conditions
Packaging of fresh and processed meat
Canning / sterilization of meat products
Handling and maintenance of tools and core equipment
Simple test methods for meat products
Meat processing hygiene
Cleaning and sanitation in meat plants
Annex I recipes for processed meat products
Annex II glossary

This looks like a really good download! which you can source from here.