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Food Product Innovation

This is another of the many manuals by FAO. This one discusses product development, although in a someone theoretical way.

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The manual is broad, covering the following topics:

There is a lot of good information in here although for my liking its a bit theoretical and maybe it could do with some more interesting case studies.

It is, however, worth downloading and reading. It is 35 pages and was published in 2006 so is up to date and comprehensive.

Innovating in Baked Beans

I often use baked beans as a stereotype of a food where the completion is mainly on price and the small entrepreneur has no chance of penetrating because he can't get his price competitive until, he has a market which he can't get until he is competitive. Now Rhodes seem to be turning my argument around.

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Here they come with different flavours and formulations and sell nutritional and demographic needs!


Five Months in Bourgogne!

I am going to be spending the next few months working from a house in rural Bourgogne (Burgundy to the English and the wine drinker!) in France.

Having just returned from a first visit to the supermarket it was interesting that for the first time in my life I actually said to myself “We mustn’t buy too much fruit because the garden is full of cherries!”.

General view in a mediunm sized French supermarket.

photograph by DIGIVUZA

published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


This brought home the Local Food issue, especially as the plums and pears in the supermarket were from South Africa! We definitely, especially in South Africa, make little effort to reduce our carbon footprint by using foods that are grow nearby. Here someone planted trees decades ago and without fertilisation or any real pruning they produce year after year and as they are just off the dining room with “zero” carbon emission.

I also saw some interesting products and concepts in the supermarket such as LCD pricing, easy cracking macadamias and another solution to cooking rice!

I have therefore decided to write a number of posts while I am here that reflect on these and similar items focussing on innovation and the environment.

Can Design Developments

This article in Food Production Daily reports on a double can able to hold two different drinks and a resealable can.

Two separate drinks in one aluminium can adds value, says developer.jpg

from: Food Production Daily
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The former is merely a patent while the latter is a design which has been developed with Coca Cola and should be in the market soon if not already launched.

These developments add to the popularity of the can which relies on its light weight, stackability, ease of cooling, ease of opening, robustmess and tamper evident design.

Remote-control Fish

Really? Yes fish that will swim to a sound and wait for something to happen.

Scientists to test plan for _remote-control fish_ _ Mail & Guardian Online-1.jpg


What does that help? – what about fish that can be released into the open sea and which will swim back when called to be harvested.

Yes its real with the advantage being that they will not need feed and their waste will not accumulate as in conventional aquaculture.