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Gentle Drying of Fruit and Vegetable Purees in a BIRS Spray Dryer.

Here is another story looking at product development focussing on premium products which avoid heat treatment in processing.

The BRIS process uses ambient temperature air which has been dried using heating and silica gel to a few percent relative humidity, in a counter current drying tower.

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This application by Naturex, a French company more focussed on natural ingredients for the food & beverage, nutrition and health and personal Care industries, is a first for them. The products main selling point appears to be their good organoleptic properties and their ease and quality of reconstitution.


The Rising Cost of Ingredients

As food processors, our raw material costs are normally a large fraction of our total cost of production.

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There is no arguing the fact that the cost of many raw materials are rising. The reasons for these are numerous including the:

  • changeable weather experienced world wide
  • the increase in the crude oil price and therefore the cost of transport
  • the effect of biofuels on the availability of cereals and oil seeds
  • the effect of biofuels on land allocation – ie land previously used for ingredients being allocated to biofuel crop production

The question is what can the food processor do about this? In a theoretical way we could:

  • increase our price, but we also need to think how that effects our customers
  • look for cheaper ingredients or change ingredients but then need to think of what that will do to our quality
  • change our production to higher value added, high margin products
  • increase our material yield figures by reducing our losses

    As I say that’s all very theoretical – I would be interested to hear from you (email me here) with your thoughts and experience.