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Technology Information From Suppliers


The suppliers of equipment to the food industry are a source of information that should not be overlooked.

In this case I have taken a screenshot from the webpage of GEA Niro which presents one of their spray dryers in some detail. This type of information, along with much other on their website, is very useful for the food processor wanting to understand processes and equipment.

What is important though, is to understand that when using this type of information, you are looking at the information of a supplier who is actually on line to sell their equipment.

However, they are industry leaders so you can be sure that their information is representative of the industry. I will be trying to add this kind of link for different companies periodically.
Although Niro is originally a spray dryer manufacturer, there is a range of information on spray drying, freeze drying, extraction, evaporation, freeze concentration and membrane filtration on the website.