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EU Food Waste Briefing

The ACP-EU has recently held on of its rural development briefing on Food Waste.

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Around one third of all food is wasted which is already frightening enough but with the new concern on climate change it becomes even worse. The food wasted produces emissions in production and disposal for food which is just not used.

This document presents links to a number of resources which allow the reader to understand the principles but through references to dig deeper into the issues.

1 Billion People Live in Chronic Hunger and I’m Mad as Hell

This is the title of a petition launched by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FA0).

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I totally agree with this – it’s particularly disturbing if you think of how we “over consume” and waste food. So I have signed the petition and am suggesting you to do the same by visiting www.1billionhungry.org/digivuza/ – log in, enter a few details and click the send button (you don’t even have to watch the video) its that easy.

You are NOT going to have 20 years of bad luck if you don’t do this nor get rich if you do! Just give it a thought and do what you think is right. FAO will present the petition to governments who will hopefully take note and action!

If you are interested in some of the background on the “waste and over consumption” I refer to, have a look at some of the stuff I have posted on the issue below.

Once you sign, you will be given a personal link that you can share with friends and family, and a personal impact map that shows how your message spreads around the globe. Share your personal link with as many people as possible. Come back often to check your personal impact map and witness the power of your social network. Thanks very much for joining me in this. It’s time we let politicians know that the status quo — 1 billion hungry people — is unacceptable.

Waste & Over Eating vs Need & Malnutrition – mainly a link to report on waste in UK
Another Approach to Food Waste – the Buy One Get One Free LATER idea
Another Approach To Food Losses – discount foods after best by date

The Biofuels Situation

Just a short comment, when the biofuels debate reaches the front page of Time magazine, it is surely significant.

TIME Magazine Cover_ The Clean Energy Myth - Apr. 7, 2008 - Energy - Oil - Global Warming.jpg

from: Time

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Although the contradictors are already at work, I feel we should all acknowledge that very massive and rapid change is happening that could have extremely serious consequences. If we do this it should be obvious that we should be striving for full and balanced understanding, rather than just promoting our particular perceptions and interests.

Remember that behind all this sits a very distorted system of politics/governance that drives subsidies and ridiculous practices such as “splash & dash” – if that doesn’t drive particular interests?

Demands for crackdown on biofuels scam | Environment | The Guardian.jpg

from: The Guardian

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Believe it or not 10% of the imports of biodiesel to Europe from USA are funded by a scheme where biodiesel exported to the US and blended with a “dash” of petrol attracts almost a dollar a gallon subsidy which makes the scheme profitable.

See an article from The Independent of almost a year ago and a blog of a day or two agofor some confirmation.

PS The Guardian story has internal links that give some simple information and great images on Biofuels.