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7 Artificial Flavours Banned in the European Commission.

I think I'm posting this story more for the beautiful webpage, copied below, than the technology story – who said food science was dreary? The beautiful colours alongside the clinical structures is appealing. Lets not worry that it's about flavours not colours!

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In seriousness, the scientists have been evaluating thousands of flavours. With around 2500 already approved and these 7 being banned for human use. Some of the artificial flavors cause skin problems, I tried one my self and yes they do. I had to buy a special product from LA Beauty that makes your skin really healthy. The 7 substances which are mainly natural compounds from plant sources, have been used in the food industry for many years. The affected parties, such as flavour manufacturers, note that there are no negative effects evident from their moderate consumption over the years.

Ever Wondered What Super Fruits Are?

Have you ever wondered if the was really a good defintion of super fruiots – this short article might help you make up your mind.

Superfruit Nutrition.jpg

from: Food Product Design
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For me these three quotes clarify a lot

..there is no regulatory or scientific definition of a superfruit..

..superfruit” is often used to describe novel fruits that are great sources of nutrients, antioxidants and anticipated health benefits.

“In reality, all fruits are superfruits, because each one has a different set of nutrients and antioxidants and, therefore, potential health benefits.”

On top of this the measurement of antioxidants is complex and our knowledge of their health benefits limited.

But read the article and see what you think.

Popcorners for Popcorn Eaters – Interesting Food Product

This new packaged snack product tries to come up with something new for the American popcorn market whioh it claims hasn’t seen development in years, although Americans eat an average of 80 litres a year.

Packaging design_ New ‘popcorn chip’ debuts in clean, contemporary packaging - 2010-09-01 17_03_21 | Packaging Digest.jpg

from: Packaging Digest
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The popcorner is promoted as a puff snack made from natural ingredients which is neither fried nor baked which is implied to be healthier.

One Million Tubs of Yoghurt

This story on the BBC website is a more popular version of the information I presented on WRAP’s The Food We Waste Report.. This is part of the public relations effort in Britain to address food waste.

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | In the culture club.jpg

from: BBC News
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So one million tubs or bottles a day of yoghurt are thrown away unopened! Apparently this because more wealthy people aspire to the health and image benefits of youghurt while shopping, but don’t get to eat all they buy in the relatively short shelf life of the lightly preserved products they prefer.

Free Food Science Info – Trans Fats

Trans Fats are one of the newer health threats that have arisen out of new technology introduced to the Food Processing Industry.

In the 60s we seemed to see that saturated fats were the cause of health problems – especially the emotive heart attach. There was therefore a move away from animal fats and in particular butter. To achieve this consumers were encouraged to change to margarine, which was produced from unsaturated fats.

Since then we have learnt a lot more about saturated fat and health and have now identified a byproduct (trans fat) of the margarine process which is positively dangerous.

The review below can be downloaded for free and covers the subject in great depth.


from: CRFSFS
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French Retail Food – Observation 7

I received many an amused smile at French and Italian breakfast tables, taking numerous close up photos of juice cartons. I was interested by the trends and approaches that were indicated by these products, present images of a selection of juices and elaborate on some of the obvious approaches.

Ethnic / Exotic – there seems to be a move away from a juice prepared from a simple well know juice to those from distant lands or even simple widely available fruits “spun” into something different.


photo by Dave Harcourt
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photo by Dave Harcourt
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Healthy / Nutritious – there is a strong implication that juices are healthy so long as they are natural, but there is also enrichment.


photo by Dave Harcourt
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Variety – there is also an attempt to offer variety for example organic juices


photo by Dave Harcourt
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and novel combinations such as manderine and raspberry.


photo by Dave Harcourt
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One of the non pure juices was a nectar containing 15 fruits and 9 vitamins!

Full Screen.jpg

photo by Dave Harcourt
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Also interesting was that many of the juices specified technological issues such as quality systems, UHT processing and not from concentrate.

Opportunity For Pectins

I have posted a few stories about different sources for pectin and the possibility of pectins with different functional properties. I have worried about the potential of these as the basis for sustainable businesses by still felt that the potential should be investigated. Recently there have also been stories highlighting health benefits and advantages of pectins.

A recent series of articles from Food Navigator seems to confirm this opportunity.

- Special edition_ Pectin-1.jpg

from: DecisionNewsMedia.com
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The articles cover:
Pectin: Health ingredient of the future?
Pectin: Health claims and labelling
Pectin: Providing solutions for healthy foods
Pectin: Dairy replacer and micro-encapsulator
Pectin: Sourcing issues and ideas

I feel that there is an opportunity worth investigating for Africa, not by competing directly in the existing market (35 000 tons per year mainly from citrus and apples) but rather by focussing on speciality markets based on tropical fruits, producing for local markets currently dependent on expensive imports and using waste streams.

The last of the articles clearly shows that the financial viability is critical to any pectin business and is the normal failing of many of the ideas that have been developed scientifically. SAFPP would therefore like to offer feasibility study assistance to anyone with product information already determined.

Growing Snack Market

The snack food market is predicted by Global Industry Analysis (GIA) to grow during the next few years, contradicting a feeling that consumers would eat less of these unhealthy food.

Snack market set for billion dollar growth.jpg

from: Food Navigator

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The reasons for this appear to be the introduction of healthier snacks by many manufacturers and growing markets in for example Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America