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Food Safety Objectives and Performance Objectives – Free Online Information

This is an interesting document from The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF).

Www icmsf org pdf FSO 20Ojectives GuiaSimplificadoEnglish pdf

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This is a short (12 page) document defining the different food safety concepts, such as HACCP, ALOP, FSOs and POs, from a conceptual and strategic perspective. Seems to be worthwhile to give the processor an overall understanding of “why” not just “what”. 


Food Safety Objectives and Performance Objectives

FAO/WHO HACCP – Free Online Technical Manual

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This is a comprehensive manual, published by the FAO, that allows the user to carry out HACCP analyses and plans in preparation for the formal implementation by a certified practitioner.

This is actually a training of the trainer document so also provides a broader background than a simple HACCP manual. Section 1 reviews principles and methods of training; Section 2 introduces and elucidates the Codex Alimentarius General Principles of Food Hygiene; and Section 3 explains the HACCP system and its implementation. Each section is made up of specific training modules which can be combined and customized to meet the specific needs of the students.

HACCP in Food Service – Free Online Information

This 80 plus page book by the World Health Organisation lays out the process of establishing HACCP management in a Food Service environment. 

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The first question is whether a manual on Food Service Will be useful to a food processor. The answer is that the process is identical whereever it is applied and that reading the manual written specifically about a food service operation improves the comprehension as we all know the principles of cooking. Other manuals either present information theoretically or choose a manufacturing process you may not understand.

The book is clearly and simply written and covers all the necessary information.

GMP & HACCP In Fruit & Vegetable Processing

This is a useful 40 page document from a USAID project. What is interesting about the document is that it addresses two levels, the overall GMP & HACCP process and suggestions on how to introduce them as well as the detailed information on design, finishes, practices, conditions of processing plants that all require attention.



from: USAID
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The table of contents clarifies the scope of the report.