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Mali’s Mangos

This image and text identifies the problem of the mango resource in Mali. It is one of a series of 10 pictures assembled by the BBC describing various aspects of the mango and its contribution to livelihoods in Mali.

BBC NEWS | In pictures_ Mali_s mangos, Feast or famine-1.jpg

from: BBC News
(click image to look at the series)


The text reads:

The simplicity of the mango business is a problem. Mali is one of West Africa’s biggest producers, with around 1.2m sq km under cultivation – 50% of which is exported.

But in years when the rains are poor the mangos are scarce, and in years of plenty the fruit rots on the trees or is eaten by animals.

“Of course there is waste, and the price falls when we have too many mangos. We need to get better organised, and look further than Sibi for markets,” says local official Dioma Doumbia.

Highlighting a different aspect of the food waste issue that this blog will be discussing more with time. Click here to see the posts to date