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Partners in Food Solutions – A Real Impact on African Food Processing?

This has much of the makings of a really good initiative. It is a non profit organisation established by General Mills from it’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Partners in Food Solutions

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It links the technical and business expertise of volunteer employees at General Mills, Cargill and DSM to small and medium-sized mills and food processors in the developing world to

  • improve the ability of those companies to produce high-quality, nutritious and safe food at affordable prices
  • to increase demand for the crops of small-holder farmers who supply those businesses
  • to build a vibrant, sustainable food supply chain
  • After local processors have identified companies and their needs, volunteers are deployed to assist selected African food processing companies in

  • Determining the best nutritional mix based on local ingredients.
  • Developing new products that are locally sourced.
  • Designing facilities and food processing systems.
  • Creating high-performance packaging for storage and sales.
  • Improving quality and food processing procedures.
  • Enhancing food safety throughout the entire value chain.
  • Developing expertise in areas such as market assessment, strategy and finance.
  • Improving marketing, distribution and other aspects of getting products to end-consumers.
  • The concept of the rich multinational giving time and experience to poorer African food processors offers real potential for economic growth and poverty elimination. I intend to follow up a bit on this with further posts, but would very much like to hear of your experience with Partners in Food Solutions.

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    Make Research Proposals to General Mills

    General Mills, a very large US food company, has added an portal to its website where it calls for partnerships with food science and technology researchers.



    from: General Mills
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    The site calls for researcher’s proposals based on their own innovative ideas and offers a collection of some 50 General Mills ideas in which it would welcome ideas and proposals.

    The one downside is that this is an open site and your inputs will not be confidential.

    The extract below is what they present on colour retention in drying to give an idea their approach. It is also possible to register and join their innovation network.

    Response Due Date:


    Action Steps:

    Step 1: Click on the link above to submit a proposal.

    Step 2: Create your non-confidential proposal to submit to General Mills.

    Step 3: When you are finished, provide your contact information and click submit and your proposal will be sent to General Mills.

    Step 4: General Mills will review your proposal within two to three weeks and together we will decide on appropriate next steps, if any. Examples include:

    * Proof of concept

    * Licensing agreement

    * Possible supply agreement

    * Investment

    * Joint venture

    * Other


    In Step 4 ,General Mills is willing to fund proof of concept demonstrations for up to $50,000.

    Non Confidential Disclosure:

    By submitting a response you represent that the response does not and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind.

    Natural food-grade approaches or technologies to significantly reduce or eliminate color and flavor changes in dried fruit

    Innovation Need:

    General Mills, a 15+ billion dollar (U.S.) food company, has the following challenge: Natural technology that eliminates color and flavor changes in dried fruit during storage (9 months).
    Dried fruit (especially dried dice apples) have been used as a particulate in products like snacks and cereals. Currently, unless treated with sulfites or with a combination of citric acid and ascorbic acid, dried fruit browns and develops an off- flavor during shelf-life. Neither of those options is considered natural. We seek a proposal that presents a natural technology to eliminate or significantly reduce color and flavor changes in dried fruit like dried dice apples during the product shelf-life.

    Possible Approaches:

    * Natural extracts

    * Blends or single ingredients derived from natural sources

    * Novel technology or process