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Global Agro-Industries Forum (GAIF)

India will host the first global conference on agro-industries, to be held in New Delhi from 8-11 April 2008.

from: GAIF Website
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The website defines the reasons for the forum as:

Why the Global Forum

The development of competitive agro-industries is crucial for creating employment and income opportunities and for enhancing the demand for farm products.

Agro-industry development has the potential to provide employment for the rural poor in off-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural produce.

There are also risks and trade-offs in agro-industrial development often affecting the most vulnerable countries and people.

It is thus important to build on experiences and understandings of trends, in order to formulate sound policies and strategies for fostering agro-industries.

The forum will be attended by a limited number of representatives from the agro-industry, governments, technical and financing institutions, civil society and UN agencies.

For those of us not positioned to attend there is an e-forum where we should be able to make inputs and hopefully follow the proceedings.More on this in a future link.

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